Nikon Prostaff 5 Rifle Scope 4.5-18x40 BDC Riflescope W/SF Matte 6747

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Nikon Prostaff 5 Rifle Scope 4.5-18x40 BDC Riflescope with SF - Matte

Model # 6747


The Nikon PROSTAFF 5 Rifle Scope is designed with features to satisfy the most demanding hunter. The ultra-bright lens system gathers every glimmer of fading light for 95% light transmission, letting you take the shot of a lifetime when inferior optics are already packed up for the night. The sleek PROSTAFF 5 features spring loaded zero-reset hand turn turrets, crystal clear 4x power range, fast focus eyepiece and consistent four inch eye relief. The PROSTAFF-5 series of rifles scopes are compatible with Nikon's SPOT ON Ballistic Match Technology and are an elite optic that will prove its worth time and time again in the field or at the range.



  • The BDC's unique see-through ballistic circles offer an incredible advantage for long range shooting, yet allow a normal sight picture for shorter-range shots where the crosshair itself is the aiming point.  The various aiming points built into the BDC reticle allows hunters to hold 'dead-on' at ranges exceeding those previously thought possible and can be utilized with Nikon’s Spot On Ballistic Match Technology to give you exact aiming points at various yardages.  Finally, you can take the guesswork out of figuring elevation and bullet drop compensation.
  • Keeps your brow safe—even with the heaviest recoiling cartridges, lightweight rifles, and severe shooting angles.  Long eye relief, also known as high-eyepoint design, provides a clear field of view for everyone, even when wearing eye protection.
  • Multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds on every glass surface provide bright and vivid sight pictures and optimum light transmission and maximum brightness from dawn to dusk. 
  • Reticle adjustments are made in 1/8 MOA click-stop moves you can both feel and hear, and with no backlash to make your shot creep off target. Positive click reticle adjustments get you zeroed in quicker and maintain your setting—even with repeated recoil and under rugged conditions.
  • To simplify field adjustments, Nikon has integrated this feature into all new PROSTAFF 5 riflescopes. Just sight-in as usual, then lift the spring-loaded adjustment knob, rotate to your “zero”, and reengage. Field adjustments are now as simple as dialing-in your subsequent ranges.
  • The PROSTAFF 5 series, like all of Nikon’s riflescopes, is optimized for use with Nikon Spot On Ballistic Match Technology. Spot On allows you to discover all of the exact aiming points on your scope’s reticle at various yardages for your specific ammunition and load.



  • Magnification:  4.5 - 18 x
  • Objective Diameter:  40 mm
  • Exit Pupil:  2.2 - 8.9 mm
  • Field of View:  5.6 - 22.4 ft @ 100 yds
  • Tube Diameter – Other:  1 in
  • Eye Relief:  4 in
  • Eyepiece Outside Diameter:  44 mm
  • Weight:  17.1 oz
  • Overall Length:  13.6 in
  • Adjustment Graduation – Other:  1/8 in
  • Max Internal Adjustment:  40 MOA
  • Parallax Setting – Other:  50 yds - ∞
  • Side Focus:  Yes
  • Waterproof/Fogproof:  Yes
  • Spot On Custom Turret:  Yes
  • Matte Finish:  Yes
  • Use:  Centerfire Short/Mid Range, Centerfire Long Range
  • Reticle:  BDC